A Little About Me

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Jeffery E. Frieden, and I am on a mission to connect teachers so that we can intensify our impact and WIN in the classroom!

I am a full-time high school ELA teacher at Hillcrest High School, in inland Southern California. I self-published my first book in November of 2017. And I have aspirations of one day starting my own podcast.


On November 18, 2018, Cult of Pedagogy released episode 109 of their podcast “Get Students Talking with Ongoing Conversations.” That was me!


In the episode I discuss a strategy I came up with to get all of my students to hold one-on-one, content-centered conversations with nearly all of their classmates. I teach ELA, but this activity is for all content areas where there is either academically complex text, issues, or procedures that need to be handled with care.

Here are some of the great features of this activity:

  • Students will learn each of their classmates’ names.
  • Students get more opportunities to recall and consolidate their learning.
  • Students do all the work to partner up, not you!
  • Check for understanding by walking around and listening to conversations
  • Fewer handouts collected; no more quizzes or exit tickets!

It’s simple, robust, and very easy to implement. Please give it a listen!


If this is your first time visiting the site, and you want to get a feel for our content, start with these three posts.


After you get more margin in your life, maybe you can also see yourself publishing content for other teachers. I would like to help. I am working to scale up Make Them Master It into a platform for talented and hungry teachers who want to share their best with an online community.

Even if you already have content that you have published and you would like access to this platform to reach new readers, I would be delighted to help. I welcome all ideas you have. Please contact me @ makthemmasterit@gmail.com.


I look forward to interacting with you here at makethemmasterit.com.

If you’re ready to feel like you’re winning at this thing called teaching AND increase your impact with your students, LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW & TELL ME, WHAT IS THE NEXT EXCITING THING YOU ARE WORKING ON AT YOUR SCHOOL?

But if you’re thinking, “No thanks. I like my long hours of extra work and teacher guilt,” then you should probably close this page and get back to that stack of papers calling to you from the other room.


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