A Little About Me

Thanks for looking into Make Them Master It, a space where teachers are encouraged to come together to build one another up to help students shoulder more of the responsibility of their own learning.

My name is Jeffery E. Frieden. I am a full-time high school ELA teacher in Southern California. Also, I am a part-time writer, though I am expanding that role more and more.

What’s Happening Here

I have started the website makethemmasterit.com to build a community of teachers who are looking for ways to gain perspective on student learning and find practical help to everyday challenges in delivering effective instruction. The core belief that drives the content at this site is that students need to shoulder more of the responsibility for their learning than has been asked of them in recent decades.

What I’ve Been Up To Lately

I am finishing up my first book titled Make Them Process It: A Teacher’s Guide to Uncovering New Value in the Writer’s Notebook. In the book I give a practical how-to guide that offers solutions to common struggles in delivering effective writing instruction in the classroom. Struggles such as:

  • Planning how frequently students engage in writing
  • Equipping students to generate their own topics for writing
  • Developing student appreciation for the importance of revision
  • Providing techniques that help students practice revising and editing
  • Building skill in holding mature conversations about writing with peers
  • Having students use metacognition to evaluate the effectiveness of their revisions
  • Integrating craft and grammar lessons into the revision process

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Join With Us

For now, I invite you to join the growing community here at Make Them Master It because together we can help turn the responsibility of learning from the teachers back to the students.