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20170607_210420_optThanks for stopping by. My name is Jeffery E. Frieden, and I am on a mission to connect teachers so that we can intensify our impact and WIN in the classroom! I am a full-time high school ELA teacher at Hillcrest High School, in inland Southern California.


I self-published my first book in November of 2017. When I sit down to write, whether it’s a blog post or longer form writing, I do it with the practicing teacher in mind. When writing about a classroom practice, I will not stop after presenting the WHAT and the WHY. I make it my mission to present the HOW of the practice.


IMG_20180716_130817_379.jpgIn January 2019, I launched Dear Teacher, Don’t Give Up! The goal of the podcast is to hear from successful teachers who, at one point in their career, faced overwhelming circumstances, burn out, or demoralization and found a way to move past the hardship, stay in the classroom, and continue in the job they love.


November 18, 2018 marked the first time I was interviewed for a podcast, and it was the Cult of Pedagogy!


In the episode I discussed a protocol I constructed to help my students develop agency in holding one-on-one, content-centered conversations with nearly all of each of their classmates over the a period of about two weeks. Though this protocol was developed in an English Language Arts classroom, it is for ALL content areas where there is either academically complex text, topics, or procedures that are best handled when students learn to interact with one another.



If this is your first time visiting the site, and you want to get a feel for the content offered here, start with my most popular posts:


Over the 15 years I have been teaching, I have been working aggressively to develop my teaching practice. After lots of reading, practice (trial and error), reflection, and refining, I have matured into a teacher who excels at his craft.

I speak and tailor workshops on the following topics:

  • Classroom Discussion: Cultivating Student Voice through Content-Centered Conversation
  • Student-Teacher Conferences: Assessment for Learning, Not Grades
  • Personalize Your Development: Growing a Professional Learning Network
  • Guiding Students into the Realization That Writing is a Process

Please consider me for your upcoming professional development needs, and see more of what I have to offer at my presentations and workshops for teachers page.

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  1. I loved the WNB course and I bought the Kindle copy. I will share with you as I reflect throughout the coming year. Ordinarily I teach high school. This year I have moved to Colorado and will teach at a country school. I will teach ELA to the following grades: 6ht, 7th, 8th, 9th and college composition. I will do my best to adjust the WNB to serve each group and ask you for help when I am pondering alternate ways of walking. Thanks!

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