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Welcome to a new adventure in podcasting, where a current classroom teacher talks with heroes in the profession about a really difficult time in their career. I don’t fully understand what I am doing here, but I have to start somewhere. 2019 seemed like a time to launch, so here goes!

Episode 1: “Am I Enough?” with Jeffery E. Frieden

Episode 2: “Don’t You Trust Me?” with Nancy Erwin

Episode 3: “Am I Valued?” with Andy Milne

Episode 4: “Am I Allowed to Have a Life?” with Dave Stuart Jr.

Episode 5: “Am I Saying ‘Yes’ to Too Many Things?” with Matthew M. Johnson

Episode 6: “Am I Present at Home?” with Aimee and Rob Skidmore & Lindsey Frieden

Here’s The Big Idea

People love hearing how others overcame trying times to finish with a big win. Over the 14 years that I have been in the classroom, I have heard some captivating stories of how teachers found themselves on the brink of quitting–and some I have talked with did in fact quit for a time–but something inside wouldn’t let them walk away. They decided they just had to stay. And so they dug deep, pushed through, found a way around the problem, and ended up head over heels in love with the job. Some have gone on to write blogs, books, and even podcasts about teaching because they have such a heart for the education. They just have to share!

And almost every teacher I have talked with over the years hits a low point, and often it sparks the question, “Should I keep going?” There are many factors that led educators to this point. Teacher turnover is an issue that plagues American public education, and it’s a real problem. Too many teachers get used up by this profession before the age of retirement. I want to help put a stop to that, so once a month I am going to feature the story of one teacher who once stood on the brink yet found a way to reclaim their calling.

What This Show Is About

The struggle is real, and it’s NORMAL! None of us are alone. If any teacher is facing tough situations with students, difficult scenarios with parents, hardships with colleagues, or overbearing administrators, you will find that many others are going through this too. If only someone was talking about it.

I Want To Hear Your Story

If you have ever given serious thought to leaving the classroom, but you hung in there and it got better, there are a lot of us who need to hear your story. Please, email me at and tell me about the time you came close to quitting.

QUESTION: When it comes teaching, what is the #1 factor you think causes teachers to give up?

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