Make Them Process It

It’s here: the step-by-step guide for teachers who want to get maximum instructional value out of the Writer’s Notebook. Even though it’s six weeks past my self-imposed deadline, the practical help the book provides is still relevant, and there is plenty of school year left to implement the practices described inside.


Founded on the Writer’s Notebook practice introduced in Kelly Gallagher’s Teaching Adolescent Writers and Aimee Buckner’s Notebook Know How, and drawing on over decade of teaching experience, I present a convenient way to set up and run the Writer’s Notebook in the secondary classroom.

Included are tips for:

  • prompting student writing,
  • coaching students to generate their own topics, and
  • creating ways to keep writing fresh through the whole school year.

More than just providing a teacher’s guide for prompting students to fill a notebook with first draft writing, I take teachers through a step-by-step guide that helps students to:

  • make a plan for revision,
  • compose a second draft,
  • host a conversation about their improvements,
  • add style to their second draft through grammar instruction, and
  • reflect on their revisions through metacognition.

Out of my failures and successes over the past 13 years, I have put together a straightforward, “no nonsense” approach to teaching writing with The Writer’s Notebook.

Get your copy on Kindle today!


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