DTDGU Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Dear Teacher, Don’t Give Up! We don’t fully understand what we’re doing around here . . . yet! But we have to start somewhere. And that’s right here.


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Dear teacher,

“Are You Enough?” Has that question ever crossed your mind? Seven years into my career, during the fall semester, this question would not leave me alone. Something had to change.

My name is Jeffery E. Frieden, host of Dear Teacher, Don’t Give Up! I am on a mission to connect teachers so that together we can intensify our impact and WIN in the classroom!

If you have ever given serious thought to leaving the classroom, but you hung in there and it got better, we need to hear your story. Email me at makethemmasterit@gmail.com and tell me about the time you came close to quitting.

In This Episode:

Since this is the launch of this podcast, I wanted to introduce myself and tell the story of the time I almost walked away from teaching forever. But, as I have learned over 14 years in the classroom, if I talk for 30 minutes straight, people will tune me out. So I invited my good friend Justin Kirkpatrick to be the host while I played the part of a guest. Thanks, Justin!

When I started teaching, just like most newbies, I was idealistic. I kept thinking that if I could explain things just the right way, or put enough comments on papers, everything would click for students. I invested a lot of time into my teaching. The idealism never faded, and I developed unsustainable habits. As my family grew, this became more apparent, and I hit a point of crisis where I experienced a lot of guilt over how much time I was giving to the job and how much time I was missing with my loved ones.

Since I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my family for my job, I started to give serious thought to quitting. And just before I was about to move forward with finding a new profession, something stepped in and changed my perspective and my approach. It was at that point that hope was restored and I eventually found the joy promised all young teachers when they enter the profession.

Listen to hear what made the difference.

How We Can Connect:

If any part of this episode resonate with you, let’s connect. Here’s where you can find me:

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