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Drafting & Grading


What’s in the video

  • How to keep them writing, even when they don’t want to.
  • Write A LOT during class, but they can write at home.
  • Where to find good prompts.
  • Teach your students to be topic generators too!
  • More on how to grade: how to set limits and why.

More Resources

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But wait . . . There’s MORE! I have made one bonus lesson that gives you a glimpse into how you can use the Writer’s Notebook to teach revision. If lots of low-stakes writing has a tremendous impact on a student’s ability to write, then regular practice with low-stakes revision will make students better second-drafters.

You will receive one final email tomorrow for this bonus lesson. But if you would rather not wait, click the link below for your bonus lesson right now.

==> Show Me How To Do Low-Stakes Revision Right Now!

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