5 x 5 – Minute Video Lessons

Get Set Up and Start Running the Writer’s Notebook In Your Classroom!

What to Expect

  • How to get your students’ Writer’s Notebook set up and running.
  • How to turn your students into topic generators, so you don’t have to come up with prompts everyday.
  • How to use the notebook to better connect your brilliant writing instruction with your students’ writing practice.
  • How to get your students to write, write, write!
  • How to keep keep your grading practice simple and manage all that writing.
  • Links to additional resources that will help you get the most value out using the Writer’s Notebook with your students.
  • Interaction from other participants (level comments and find each other online because it’s so much better together!)

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I plan to develop more content in the future, and this will help me better understand your needs as a teacher. Just like we do in our classrooms, we try to discern what our students need, so we can figure out the best way to move them forward.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you as you work your way through the course!