March Madness: The Anxiety College-Bound Seniors Face This Time of Year

When turning the page from February to March, I was reminded of what many college-bound high school seniors face at this point in the year: an anxiety-filled waiting where students collectively hold their breath as colleges and universities send messages of congratulations to some and condolences to others.

As first period opened on Monday morning, I did not have any plans of discussing this time of anxious waiting. But, per usual on Monday mornings, the router and the internet were not communicating with one another, and the web access my students needed was not yet available. Needing to stall while the network did all of its beeps and boops to grant us access to the world wide web, I took the opportunity to address this expectant waiting many of my students were experiencing. Continue reading “March Madness: The Anxiety College-Bound Seniors Face This Time of Year”

The End of Entrance Exams?

Last night, I posted an article I read about the alleged end of the California State University’s Entrance Exam. It started some interesting discussion on my Facebook wall. I thought I would leave it here and ask you to join in!