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Entry Guidelines & The Table of Contents

What’s in the video

  • Start with simple.
  • Level up the expectations slowly over the whole year by creating a craft index.
  • Help students stay organized with a table of contents.
  • Have them keep a Writer’s Notebook Log for submission.
  • Tips for grading.

More Resources

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7 thoughts on “LESSON 3

    1. Yes! I have them include page numbers that correspond with the Table of Contents as well as have them label and date each entry.


  1. I love the guidelines & plan on implementing it into my classroom this year! I am also interested in checking out the log sheets. Thanks for sharing all of your resources!


  2. I like how you’re keeping it simple. Thank you for sharing your log sheets. Do you print off copies to hand out for each checkpoint. Or do students get a digital copy they are required to print and fill out on their own? Just curious which way works best for you. And do they start working on their log sheets at the beginning of 3-week session or at the end just before turning in?


  3. Will you share your year-long plan with us at some point in these lessons? Maybe that is what you’re going to talk about next. THAT is what I need help with. 🙂


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