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Revision: Getting MORE out of the Writer’s Notebook


What’s in the video

  • Your students’ Writer’s Notebook should be more than an inbox full of bad first drafts.
  • The process of teaching revision.
  • What is RADaR?
  • Moving first drafts to second drafts.
  • Using the Meta-Margin to make their thought-process visual.
  • Opportunities for publishing student work.
  • All the writing my students will do this year.

More Resources

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7 thoughts on “BONUS LESSON!

  1. Excellent post. I am ordering your book today. Are there student samples in the book that I could use to show my students? The visuals of having that will help me, as many of my students are struggling writers. The process of thinking about their writing and then making revisions will help students understand how changes enhance their writing.

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    1. I have many samples I can copy for you! (If that’s something others want, I’m happy to put together a folder in Google Drive).

      The book goes over the nuts and bolts and you get access to the Metacognition Sentence Frames I developed, which really helps students with the reflection process.


      1. I actually bought your book earlier this summer, and it truly is filled with wonderful info! I would also love to see some student samples if you put together a folder in Google Drive! Thank you!


  2. That would be terrific. The samples will help me to not only show the students but will be a good reinforcement tool to refer back to when I review and grade their writing. So happy you put this together.

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  3. Last year I used a writing cycle model close to yours last year. It worked, but with your suggestions it will be more effective. Additional writing samples would be amazing. Thank you!

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