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My name is Jeffery E. Frieden. I am a full-time high school ELA teacher at Hillcrest High School, in inland Southern California. I am also a part-time writer, and I published my first book in November. I want to help you enjoy teaching as much as I do.

Enough about Me, I’M HERE FOR YOU!

You want to enjoy teaching Monday through Friday and head into your weekends confident you have made your students’ lives better. You work hard. You probably find it difficult to switch off. If you’re like me, you brood over all the work you’re not grading. You lament that you don’t have more time for planning better lessons. Maybe you replay that one lesson that didn’t go so well over and over. But what if I told you that you could leave your classroom at the end of the day confident that you have done your best? is here to help you to find support with other professionals who care as much as you do. The good people here are looking for ways to gain new insights on student learning AND find practical help for the day-to-day challenges of delivering effective instruction.


In addition to helping you get more margin in your life, maybe you can also see yourself publishing content for other teachers. I would like to help. I am working to scale up Make Them Master It into a platform for talented and hungry teachers who want to share their best with an online community.

Even if you already have content that you have published and you would like access to this platform to reach new readers, I would be delighted to help. I welcome all ideas you have. Please contact me @


MTPI Uncover New value no TG

In November, I published Make Them Process It: Uncovering New Value in the Writer’s Notebook. It’s your step-by-step guide to get your students to writing more, you grading less, and everyone experiencing real growth!

To start, you will find tips about how to:

  • Prompt student writing,
  • Coach students to generate their own topics, and
  • Create ways to keep writing fresh for the entire school year.

But more than just providing a teacher’s guide for getting students to fill a notebook with first-draft writing, you will walk through a step-by-step guide to help students take out:

  • A proven plan for revision,
  • Markedly improved second drafts,
  • Conversations about their writing decisions,
  • Style lessons that stick through a new approach to grammar instruction, and
  • Mastery the mental moves necessary to produce better drafts.

Out of my failures and successes over the past 13 years, I have put together a straightforward, “no nonsense” approach to teaching writing with The Writer’s Notebook.



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