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If you’re a teacher with ideas and you are looking to connect with your principal about getting them in motion, this is the episode for you.

Back in February of 2019, I posed a question on Twitter that got a lot of attention. It sparked an ongoing conversation with on of the administrators initially tagged in that Tweet. that conversation has brought us to this episode of Dear Teacher, Don’t Give Up!

christina-podraza-headshot-e1569186022571.pngIn this episode, I talk with Dr. Christina Podraza, Principal of Jefferson Elementary. Back in February, when I tagged Christina in the tweet, her initial reaction bordered on incredulity: what principal WOULDN’T want to listen to a passionate teacher on his or her faculty? But as she read teh the thoughtful responses from teachers, and other administrators, she saw the reality of the divide that can exist between a teaching staff and their top instructional leader.

Our conversation was wide-ranging about how teachers and principals can better relate with one another. I hope it shows all educators how this can happen. Not only how principals can lead teachers, but also how teachers can lead their principals.

In the end, we teachers can walk away with some actionable tips:

  • Engage with your principal on a personal level, assuming he or she is open to the idea of building any kind of relationship.
  • Announce that you are trying something new, and invite your principal to give you feedback.
  • Teachers, show up with a plan. The faculty meeting is not a public forum, or brainstorming session, where you get to volley half-baked ideas for change.
  • Show your principal that you are connecting with their priorities BEFORE offering your suggestions for improvement. REMEMBER, it’s not a once-in-a-life-time sales pitch; it’s a process.

If you would like to connect with Christina further, you can find her the following ways:


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As for me, the host of the show, if you are currently working in education and have EVER thought about leaving, or right now, you’re a classroom teacher looking for the nearest exit, I want to hear your story. Please, contact me

QUESTION: What are some other ways teachers can better connect with their principals and administrators? Comment below.

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