If you’re reading this, and it’s the top post, you’re on the ground floor of this project. This is the quiet launch of Make Them Master It, a space for strengthening teachers to help their students do more. Too often, the onus of student learning is put on the teacher instead of the learner.

In just over a decade of teaching, I have only seen this problem get worse — teachers do more and more of the work, while students become less and less responsible for their own learning. More and more students do the minimum (sometimes less) and expect the maximum.

Well, I’ve had enough! Over the years I have developed some instructional strategies that encourage students to do more of the heavy lifting. I would like to begin sharing those with you.  If you join me, together we can turn the tide. Together we can get more from our students. Together we can Make Them Master It!

What do you say?


6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. A rising tide lifts all boats. I believe that joining together, we can effect more change in ourselves and in our classrooms. I look forward to going on this journey with whomever climbs aboard.

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  2. I love the blog. A great person to follow is Karen Boyes. She led a training at AISA 2016 called “Never Work Harder Than Your Students – Let them do the thinking!” that really resonated with me. Your blog is a great resource for strategies for transferring the “heavy lifting” responsibilities to the students.

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